PM Africa Safari

PM Africa Safari is a locally owned and operated Tanzanian Tour Company based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania. The company was founded by Philip Mbise who functions as the Company CEO and Managing Director. Philip Mbise grew up in Arusha, Tanzania and studied Wildlife Management before working as both a safari guide and a Mt Kilimanjaro guide for 20+ years, including 10+ years with a large luxury tour company. He is now applying his extensive tourism experience to bring you PM Africa Safari, a company dedicated to a quality first experience. The company will never sacrifice a quality experience. With the company being locally owned and operated, it is far from being the most expensive tour operator. But PM Africa Safari is not willing to cut corners to be the cheapest priced company either. What is guarenteed is that the tours are of excellent value. The quality experience begins before you even arrive in Tanzania, from the first contact with our Tour Specialists. We can be contacted by:

+255 713 327 111
+255 687632743
(Note:local time is GMT +3)

Popular Trips

Mt Kilimanjaro

Northern Circuit Route 8 Days

Mt Kilimanjaro Trek

Northern Circuit Route is a newer route, quite scenic with a high summit success rate. This route will let you a enjoy the views on the western, northern, and eastern side of the mountain.


#1 Safari Destination

Serengeti Safari

Visit the "endless plains" of Serengeti National Park. Discover why the Serengeti is considered the top safari destination in the world. With PM Africa Safari your dreams become reality.


Amazing Beaches, Amazing Culture

Nungwi Beach

White sand beaches, exotic culture, spice plantations...relax under the palm trees or come swim with the dolphins, snorkel/SCUBA, or spend the day deep sea fishing. Let the local experts at PM Africa Safari help you according to your interests...

Booking Information

When you get an idea what activities you desire for your African dream holiday, contact us. You do not need to wait until you have all details in place before contacting us. Together we will discuss all the options and arrange the ideal itinerary for you. We never will add people to your group unless you specifically ask us to find others to join you. But even then, if someone is interested in joining, you would be informed first with general information about ther person(s) and you would have the final say whether they can join you. Once an itinerary is agreed on, we request a deposit of 15% for mountain treks or camping safaris, 50% for lodge/tented camp safaris or Zanzibar holidays, and 100% of any flight costs ( We can book domestic flights to Zanzibar or to safari destinations). There is no time limit for this but we will not set aside your dates or reserve accommodations until we have received the deposit. The remaining balance will not be due until your arrival in Tanzania.

At the present time, payment for the deposit will be requested by wire transfer into our Tanzanian Bank Account (USD account). PayPal has limited services in East Africa so it cannot be used but services such as World Remit are good options. Your bank can also wire money to ours directly. We hope that by sometime in January 2024 that we can accept Visa/Mastercard payments. All prices quoted are in United States Dollars.


We realize that plans may change at any time. PM Africa Safari has no interest in making a profit on trips that do not occur. But we also cannot lose money from it either. If you need to postpone your trip, 100% of the money which we can recover can be used for your rescheduled trip. By recovered amount we mean that payments that we make to airlines, hotels, and lodges may not be 100% recoverable dependent on the policy of those companies. But all amounts which can recover are available for your new trip date. If only some of your For complete cancellations, we will return the recoverable amount, less $100/person fee, less bank wire transfer fees.